i dAnCe


Dance- you set me free

You are my wings.

In the darkest moments you comfort me.

I dance when I feel sad,

I dance when I feel mad.

Dance written in the sand,

Dancing began in the heart of my land.

      I dance with the wind transporting all of my limbs,

I dance to the melodies of imperfect hymns.

Dance is the colour of tranquil hue’s,

Vibrant purples and dynamic blues.

I dance because dance speaks to my spirit,

I dance because it resides in me,

I feel it.



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Jazzart is the oldest contemporary dance company in the Cape, if not Africa. It has been at the forefront of contemporary dance development administratively and artistically, within the context of democratic practice, serving marginalised communities in particular.

Sonje Mayo opened Jazzart in 1973 as a dance studio specialising in modern jazz dance. From inception, Jazzart welcomed dancers from across the racial spectrum – a factor that was to become increasingly important in later years given the nature of South Africa’s political history.

Sue Parker took over in 1978 and established a small, professional ensemble named the Sue Parker Jazzart Contemporary Dance Company. The studio evolved into a sizeable contemporary jazz school and part-time company, which performed sporadically due to irregular funding. In 1982, Sue handed over to Val Steyn and the performance group was renamed the Jazzart Contemporary Dance Company.

By 1986, Alfred Hinkel had raised enough funds to buy the company, change its name to Jazzart Dance Theatre and take over its artistic directorship with Dawn Langdown, John Linden and Jay Pather providing the dancing, teaching and choreographic backbone. Under Alfred’s direction, a philosophy of professional dance training and performance emerged that was inclusive and all-encompassing, recognising the socio-political and economic context of the students who wanted to be trained and the audiences that wanted to watch them.

In an era when professional dance theatre was the virtually exclusive domain of the ruling white elite, Alfred (and the team of people with whom he surrounded himself) was forging a teaching and performance ethos firmly based in the populist thinking of the South African political struggle. “A major achievement is that when Jazzart moves, there’s no jarring distinction between race and gender. These are all South Africans totally in key with their Africanness and African dance’s weight and dynamics,” wrote Adrienne Sichel in The Star Tonight

If you happen to live in Cape town, Jazzart holds lessons for all, children to adults and from beginners to the pro’s.

For more information you can contact them on:

Jazzart Dance Theatre
PO Box 4107
Cape Town 8000
South Africa
Artscape Theatre Centre
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 410 9848/28
Fax: +27 (0)21 419 1907
E-mail: //
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Thee 1 and only Mia Michaels


If you are crazy about compemporary dancing as much as i am then you must be very familiar with this lady right here. This is Emmy award winner,  dancer and choreographer Mia Micheals. Best known for here *beautiful* routines and judging on America’s SYTYCD (So you think you can dance), she started dancing at the mere age of 3 taught by her father and has been dancing ever since.

 I think that she is such an inspiration to so many young girls that aspire to one day not only be dancers but as well as choreographers. Her routines just keep proving time to time that she is passionate, full of emotion and expresses all of that in her dancing. Even her own dancers experiance something special when doing her routines. She is definately what I would call a phenominal artist ❤


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Teach me how ta JeRk :P

So I understand that everyone that may visit this page might love dancing or have an interest in it but might not neccesarily KNOW how to dance 😛 lol..

Well check this dance style out called the “jerk” (personally believing that all the guys should be good at this one :P) …The jerk dance is a dance style that originates from the USA and actually began in the 1960s but has now made a comeback and is highly popular these days. Mostly made popular in the NewBoys music video “teach me how to jerk”, tt’s a fun hip hop style dance, very popular in the clubs and just all in all, fun to watch 🙂

Oh and just for all those who still have that mentality that them white skinded peoples cant dance..

Here’s a *white* gurl teaching *you* how to Jerk ! 😛

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**Jason and Jeanine CAN dance**

Check this out

One of the most beautiful contemporary routines. This routine on Season 5’s America’s “So You Think You Can Dance” show, was choreographed by a former dancer on the show Travis Wall- who is now also a choreographer. This routine proved to be an amazing routine t6hat melted the hearts of many the night it aired. The beautiful thing about it though is that no matter when you do watch it, you two will be absolutely captivated and fall in love with this piece.

If you don’t already know about this routine (Late for you) You should really do yourself the delight favour, and if you have already checked it out- i know you wouldn’t mind doing so again;)

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*!Hello Dancing World!*

Follow me: @MsPheezy


Hey guys!

As you can all *clearly see*, this blog is all about dancing so you can be sure to expect insight on different dance styles (esp. contemporary), links to some of the coolest dance routines, the hottest & latest tracks for dancing, famous choreographers and just plain fun about dancing! 🙂

So if your mad about dancing just as i am…follow me, I promise that you will not be disapointed. This blog promises to cater to all your dance crazes.

\../ who0p WhoOp ! Njoooy 😉

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